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Recent News

Look at the wonderful sets we did for this project.

Images for the new Restaurant.

Proud supplier for the All New XC90.

HSB Primetime
Set by the beautiful park in the Örgryte Torp area, Gothenburg.

Private elevator, more than generous ceiling heights and an international touch. Check this out!

HTL Hotels
New concept signed by Koncept Stockholm™

Siggraph 2014, Vancouver
Are we inspired? Oh yes!

CG Illustrations
It's in the details.

Volvo Safety Communication
Run Off Road Protection & Collision Avoidance

A year with Flygbussarna
CG stills for Acne Advertising

Myresjöhus Catalogue 2013
45 lovely images for the new catalogue!

Snickers Workwear
Movies for the Power & Precision line of gloves.

V-Ray Demo Reels
Industriromantik featured in both
Architecture and Advertising Reels.

Volvo Drive-E powertrains
CGI for the new range of engines.

Bright Meetings
New movie and prints - let there be light!


For new business, please contact:
Johan Ruben, +46 709 46 45 64

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