Digital curators


How Swedese developed its range. Without producing a single product.

Swedese was founded back in 1945 and for most people the company is associated with Yngve Ekström and his iconic design classic Lamino.

To pass on the legacy of Yngve Ekström among other designers they set out on a digital journey with us. The goal: Having a total overview of the complete product range and the opportunity to display all their furniture for e-commerce.


"We don't just help manage a legacy - we contribute to developing a legacy."

Johan Ruben CEO and founder of Industriromantik

The Challenge

How is it possible to move from a traditional way of administering an assortment to creating a fully automated digital assortment? And making every imaginable model easily accessible for e-commerce at a reasonable cost for each image.

The Solution

Together with Swedese, we took a collective approach to the range and adapt the entire organization to a digital platform based on 3D-visualization.

We created an elastic data model for the range based on all product options. With our elastic data models, it is easy to add new models, colors, and features.

All soft goods were 3D-scanned with high precision. Particularly complicated upholstered features and materials such as sheepskin were simulated i a separate process.

Obtaining the right expression for each furniture is a success factor in the competitive furniture industry.

The Result

Swedese has gone from article lists to a full visual presentation with over sixty thousand combinations to date. Their
entire range, most versions that have neither been seen in pictures nor existed, is produced, easy to find and distribute.

They have full control over Colours, Materials and Finishes (CMF) and can combine the appearance with new shapes, accessories and products at ease.

The opportunity we have introduced with a fully digital existence simplifies decisions early in the product development phase and means significantly shorter lead times to market.

Now it’s time to continue our journey as digital curators, adding new products and creating interior images, concepts and moving imagery according to the constantly evolving trends and expressions.