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The largest sofa company in Sweden. Now it´s possible to show them all.

The year was 1962 when some furniture dealers founded Mio – to gather their purchases to push prices down. In recent years, the company has made an extensive digital journey and today Mio is the largest company in Sweden for sofas, not least thanks to a successful e-commerce based on 3D visualizations.

"Our business is on a new level after the collabortation with Industriromantik. Our online sales are up xx."

Magnus Johansson, Mio

Challenge and solution

Just before Midsummer of 2018, we started our collaboration with a pilot project. The aim was to use 3D visualizations online and give customers the opportunity to view all the available combinations of the Sofa – “Madison”.

Initially, one major challenge was to enrich all the images with Business Intelligence. It is necessary to map all attributes and/or articles for developing a 3D visualized assortment ready for business online. This was a hurdle we hade to overcome through an old and proven way – grit. The project came out very well and the customers instantly confirmed this since sales went through the roof.

The collaboration intensified in connection with a major retake on the Mio
e-commerce platform aiming to create the right conditions for managing business intelligence in an efficient way.

Our challenge was to create an elastic data model and come up with a database-driven assortment overview online, where Mio could rationally retrieve all or parts of the assortment.

We also challenged Mio to find its own common language for describing the sofas – and synchronize this through the full range in the category. In this way, it became much easier and efficient for Mio to build its product pages.