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Fractal Gaming

Redefining a Swedish brand.

Based in Gothenburg and with offices in the US and Taiwan, Fractal Design has gained a global reputation for innovative design, elegant aesthetics and solid build quality. This is our journey.

"What if you made a case that was built on design and function, rather than flair and fanfare?"

Hannes Wallin, Founder of Fractal Design

Challenge and solution

Fractal Design turned to Industriromantik with an appealing task – to transfer the appearance from the looks of most competitors and root the brand as a Swedish design company with a pronounced Scandinavian presentation. 

Furthermore, the Marketing Department believed in shifting to CGI instead of photographing all products.

A new standard for Digital Twins

The products turned out to be a challenge. Controlling LED-lights, fan speeds, RGB-modes, storage variations, cable arrangements, top panels and multitude of colors required a complete new set of in house tools. 

Our solution was to create a custom database – or a mix table if you will. With this approach, we are able to call any set of product attributes for a classic studio image or full interior setting. 

A consistent portfolio

Reorganizing the ‘lensing’ and setting up standard views, created a consistent marketing kit for each product. This enables smooth comparison between each model and all the available configuration for eCommerce.

Enforcing the brand

Emotional Hero imagery, showcasing unique features for each product, has become a standard delivery for the assortment – all displayed in different Scandinavian settings. 

A lot of effort has been invested into the production of Showreels, pushing our limits as a Creative Studio, as this is the first contact with each product.

With a consistent brand experience across all media, Fractal Gaming has made a lasting impression in the Gaming community and positioned the company as a leader in the business.     


On our journey together, we have been challenged in most ways when it comes to creative expressions and our ecosystem of automation tools strained, reflecting last minute changes in design. 

Fractal Gaming is now publicly traded and we have ramped up the production team significantly. We are continuously delivering the marketing assets, and are eager to break the barrier of 1 000 000 views on Youtube for a single product Showreel in 2023. Kudos to the Design Department, making the latest product, North, completely sold out within days.

We are also applauding the relentless product development with great focus on sustainability from biodegradable packaging to the extensive use of natural materials.